'Bates Motel' season 5 spoilers: Norma gets doppelganger; There's a new sheriff in town

(A&E TV)Norma and Norman Bates of the horror series "Bates Motel"

A couple more characters officially check in to "Bates Motel" season 5 starting with a young doppelganger of Norma Bates (Vera Farmiga).

"House of Cards" star Isabelle McNally was tapped to play the role of Madeleine Loomis, who is described as per TVLine as "a warm and kind-hearted woman" who has a "striking resemblance" to Norma.

It is a mystery how she will be integrated in "Bates Motel" season 5, but she might be in grave danger knowing what Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore)tends to become when it comes to his mother, who he murdered in the previous season.

Although Norma is dead, Farmiga will still be series regular in "Bates Motel" season 5, but in a modified way as her character will just appear in the twisted mind of her son.

Going back to Madeleine Loomis, the aforementioned publication pointed out that she shares the same last name with Sam Loomis, which will certainly be at play.

Sam Loomis is of course the boyfriend of Marion Crane (to be played by Rihanna). TVLine believes that McNally's character is Sam's wife making Marion an unknowing mistress.

Casting is also ongoing for the character of Sam as he is expected to be in "Bates Motel" season 5. He was described as the "sexy devil" that Marion will embezzle money for.

Another cast member comes in the person of "Grey's Anatomy" alum Brooke Smith. She will play the role of Dana Green, the new "competent, professional, moralistic and sharp" Sheriff in White Pine Bay.

She will replace Alex Romero (Nestor Carbonell), who was sent behind bars. She has this "small-town vibe" that has the tendency to work against her "highly observant nature."

"Bates Motel" season 5 will feature a new take of Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" to end the beloved series on a high note and in a big way. It will premiere next year.

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