'Battlefield 1' release date news update: Game has improved melee combat, melee weapons; maps, modes revealed

(Facebook/Battlefield)Promotional image for the EA DICE video game "Battlefield 1"

"Battlefield 1," the upcoming first-person shooter video game from EA DICE, features better melee combat.

According to the people behind "Battlefield 1," melee combat played an important role in World War I, which is why they wanted to emphasize it in the upcoming 14th installment in the "Battlefield" franchise. "Battlefield 1" will be the first World War I video game from Electronic Arts since 1994's "Wings of Glory."

According to a post by EA DICE's Tommy Rydling on the Battlefield official website, while melee combat has always been an integral part of "Battlefield," they wanted to make the experience deeper and more varied in "Battlefield 1."

"We also wanted to address feedback from earlier games, where players could get locked for some time when struggling for the knife before a frontal assault, so these types of struggles are removed from the game," Rydling wrote. "The World War I setting also opened up for a lot of unique choices in the types of melee weapons employed, from medieval type maces to shovels, pick axes, cavalry swords, and more, and we have made sure to reflect that in your arsena," he added.

In "Battlefield 1," players begin with clubs, knives and shovels, but will have access to more specialized weapons as they progress in the game. Some of the weapons available can also be used to damage vehicles, destroy barricades and cut barbed wire.

There are three separate melee weapon classes in the game: knives, clubs and bladed/specials. Each of these has its own advantages and disadvantages, and differ depending on how much damage they can inflict, the speed at which they can be swung, and how easy they are to use in a takedown.

Meanwhile, PC Gamer has revealed the six modes and nine maps included in "Battlefield 1." The modes are Domination, Rush, Conquest, Operations, War Pigeons, and Team Deathmatch.

The maps include Amiens, Argonne Forest, Suez, Fao Fortress, and Sinai Desert. Empire's Edge takes players to the Adriatic Coast, Ballroom Blitz occurs in a French chateau, the Venetian Alps set the stage for Monte Grappa, and St. Quentin Scar has players fighting in the trenches of Northern France.

The outlet has reported that Giant's Shadow, a 10th map, is going to be made available at no additional cost in December.

"Battlefield 1" is scheduled to be released worldwide on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows on Oct. 21.

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