'Downton Abbey' movie cast rumors: Maggie Smith to reprise role for film adaptation

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Ever since the British period drama TV series "Downton Abbey" ended in December 2015, rumors about a "Downton Abbey" movie have been circulating. Aside from actor Michael Fox hinting that Maggie Smith already signed up for the movie adaptation, no official announcement has been made to confirm recent reports.

Fox portrays valet Andrew Parker in the show. Meanwhile, the award-winning actress portrays Violet, the Dowager Countess of Grantham. Fans now believe that a film is in the works because of the latest news about Smith's alleged involvement in the project.

At the Bafta event in Los Angeles, Parker stated that if they manage to get Smith on board, the film will definitely proceed. More importantly, a film with Smith on it will simply be a better one.

"The film without her would still be good with all the other actors but it puts a stamp of quality with her in it," he added.

On the other hand, when Graham Norton asked Smith if she would appear in a film, she said, "I can't – what age would she be? By the time we finished, she must have been about 110. It couldn't go on and on, it just didn't make sense."

Showrunner Julian Fellowes revealed that he is interested in creating a "Downton Abbey" film. Furthermore, he said that the cast are also willing to participate in the project.

At the 2016 Emmy Awards, Fellowes was also asked about the possibility of a movie. He said, "I don't have much to say about it except that I think that it would be a great idea," he admitted. "I'm just waiting to hear the powers that be give their permission," he added.

So far, the "Downton Abbey" movie still hasn't been confirmed. To know more about the latest details of the alleged film, fans should stay tuned for further updates.

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