iOS 10 Jailbreak release date news: iOS 10 already been jailbroken

(Reuters/Yuya Shino)A woman holds up the iPhone 6 Plus at the Apple Store at Tokyo's Omotesando shopping district September 19, 2014.

A lot of Apple users were waiting for the jailbreak of the new Apple operating system, the iOS 10. Apparently, Twitter user Luca Todesco has successfully jailbroken an iPhone 7, and it's only been a week after the release of the device.

Todesco posted a photo of his iPhone 7 on the Cydia app. The post was captioned with "obligatory cydia screenshot." As of now, he hasn't posted the specifics of how he was able to successfully jailbreak the device but he left clues for those who would like to attempt the same thing.

He notes that, to protect the kernel, the OS runs with a complicated compression algorithm, and as proof, he posted some of the codes on the device.

Todesco's attempt is anything but ordinary. Jailbreaking company Pangu has been attempting the same thing on the iOS 10 since July, but have so far not made any official releases even after the launch of the iPhone 7.

Some reports are even saying that Apple has officially shut out Pangu with the release of the iOS 10.0.1, and by doing so, they shut down any hopes for the jailbreak of the iOS 10.

Jailbreaking a phone has been a popular trend with Apple products as it allows users to enjoy third-party apps that can't be utilized with an un-tinkered phone. Jailbreaking also allows users to tweak their phones with more freedom.

As of now, users are advised not to jailbreak their devices because Apple is planning to release more updates that hope to make jailbreaking virtually impossible. It is also best to think that the current OS in their devices are still at the testing stage, and tampering with them may cause complications with future updates.

As of now, users will just have to sit and wait for any updates on the jailbreaking status of the iOS 10.

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