'Passengers' movie release date, trailer video news update: Sony releases first trailer for sci-fi thriller 'Passengers'

The first trailer for the romantic science fiction thriller film "Passengers" was recently released by Sony Pictures Entertainment. The film features Oscar award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence. In the forthcoming movie, the actress' love interest will be portrayed by "Guardians of the Galaxy" actor Chris Pratt.

"Passengers" is about the people in a spaceship called Avalon who are being transported to a distant colony planet. For them to survive the trip, they have to be placed in cryogenic sleep.

(Facebook/SonyPictures)Promotional image for sci-fi thriller "Passengers"

The trailer revealed that Pratt's character, Jim, and Lawrence's character, Aurora, wake up 90 years earlier than the intended wakeup call. The teaser showed that among all the members of the society who were placed in hibernation, only the two of them are ejected from their sleeping pods.

The questions, therefore, are: Why were they ejected from their pods? Why did it happen only to them?

As they try to make sense of the ordeal, the characters eventually get into a romantic relationship. Aside from themselves and the robotic bartender who is going to be portrayed by Michael Sheen, they don't have much to do in Avalon until they find out glitches within the system.

The spaceship's glitches put everyone onboard in serious danger. Hence, the pair must act as Avalon's saviors. More importantly, the duo finds out why they were awoken years ahead of time.

Emmy award-winning actor Laurence Fishburne and Academy Award nominee Andy Garcia also star in "Passengers." The forthcoming film is directed by Oscar nominee Morten Tyldum. Furthermore, the script is written by "Prometheus" writer Jon Spaihts.

The film reportedly cost about $120 million. Lawrence, who is still the highest paid actress in Hollywood, reportedly got $20 million from this film. Meanwhile, her co-star Pratt received $12 million.

"Passengers" hits the cinemas Wednesday, Dec. 21. Fans should stay tuned for more details.

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