'Uncharted 4' release date news update: Bounty Hunters multiplayer DLC released; new map, mode, weapons, Cinema Replay revealed

(Facebook/Naughty Dog, LLC)Promotional image for the Naughty Dog video game "Uncharted 4: A Thief's End"

Naughty Dog has released "Bounty Hunters," the latest multiplayer downloadable content (DLC) package for its action-adventure video game "Uncharted 4: A Thief's End."

The video game developer announced "Bounty Hunters" via a live event that was streamed on Thursday, Sept. 22. During the broadcast, Naughty Dog showed off the new features included in the DLC, including a map from "Uncharted 2," a new mode and a new tool called Cinema Replay.

According to a post by Naughty Dog lead game designer Robert Cogburn, the "Bounty Hunters" DLC, which is now available via a new update for "Uncharted 4," is one of the biggest multiplayer DLC updates ever produced by the developer.

Apart from the fan favorite map from "Uncharted 2," the DLC also contains more weapons, boosters, a new Mystical, a new mode and Cinema Replay, which allows players to watch replays of matches.

Village, the returning map from "Uncharted 2," is one of the "Uncharted 4" Multiplayer community's most requested maps, Cogburn says. For "Uncharted 4," the final chapter in series protagonist Nathan Drake's story, Village was overhauled to better suit the PlayStation 4. The map now features high-fidelity textures, new lighting systems and support for the game's new traversal mechanics.

Bounty Hunter, the new mode, was designed for close plays and to encourage strategy and teamwork.

The new weapons from the DLC Gameplay Chests include RKL-155, a fully automatic mid pistol; DC Single Action, a semi-automatic revolver; US-AN 12, an automatic shotgun; Harrison 1890, a lever action rifle; and Lowe-S, an assault rifle. The new boosters are Undisturbed, Lock 'n Load, Weapons Expert and Silent Assassin.

A new Mystical, Shield of Asgard, reduces incoming damage temporarily.

The "Bounty Hunters" DLC follows an "Uncharted 4" update released last month that introduced New Devon, a new map, alongside other changes. Naughty Dog has announced that more DLCs are coming out for "Uncharted 4" in the coming months, including a co-op mode to be released this fall.

Gamespot reports that on top of the "Uncharted 4" DLCs, Naughty Dog is also working on the first single-player expansion for "Uncharted."

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