'Vice Principals' season 2 news 2016: Danny McBride talks show's premise, series to end after 2 seasons; Who is the mystery shooter?

HBO's dark comedy "Vice Principals" recently wrapped up its freshman season with an intense finale featuring a mystery shooter who is after Neal Gamby's (Danny McBride) life.

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 Season 1 left off with Gamby and Russell (Walton Goggins) discovering that their cars were on fire. While the two principals try to call help, both vehicles exploded. A few moments later, a masked figure strolled up to Gamy and shot him in the stomach and shoulder. Although the season concluded with Gamby lying in a pool of blood, it is safe to say that he'll live since the series has been previously confirmed to run until season 2.

Details on the upcoming season are still under wraps, but there are speculations that a brush with death will make Gamby a better man and stop making Principal Brown's (Kimberly Hebert Gregory) life miserable. Other reports, on the other hand, claim the opposite, as the incident might make the principal attempt to retaliate. The shooter's identity and the person who sent him will also be revealed in the next installment.

In an interview with Esquire, creator/star McBride shared his thoughts on the show's premise and why it became a hit despite being centered on villains instead of good guys. "These two guys are taking this principal job as seriously as anyone on 'Game of Thrones' fighting for the Iron Throne. [Laughs] Yet they're in this small, suburban setting and they're pushing themselves to such extremes, all for this position that they think will solve everything that's wrong in their lives. Ultimately, the show is a tragedy presented as a comedy," he explained.

McBride previously announced that "Vice Principals" is a two-season, 18-episode venture. Speaking with Variety back in July, McBride's longtime friend and co-creator Jody Hill also confirmed the news, saying they don't have any plans of extending the series for more seasons.

Will Brown come back and get vengeance? Or will the plot center on Gamby versus Russell?

Viewers will find out when "Vice Principals" season 2 premieres summer 2017 on HBO.

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