AFA launches new boycott Target campaign as retailer refuses to change transgender bathroom policy

Conservative group American Family Association (AFA) announced Tuesday, June 14 that it's launching another campaign to boycott Target after the retailer proved adamant in its inclusive bathroom policy.

(REUTERS/MIKE BLAKE)A newly constructed Target store is shown in San Diego, California May 17, 2016.

Walker Wildmon, assistant to the president of AFA, announced on the organization's official website a new initiative for #BoycottTarget pledge seeking 50,000 more signatories from June 13 to 17. The organization believes that despite garnering more than a million pledges for the first campaign, there are still millions more who were not able to sign.

AFA spearheaded the campaign shortly after the giant retail company announced its inclusive bathroom policy in April. This means transgender employees and customers can now use bathrooms and changing facilities based on their gender preferences rather than their biological sex.

Although the boycott was supported by 1.3 million people, Target still refused to budge.

"Target was very polite and very professional and they heard out our concerns over their restroom and changing room policy...but Target stood by their position – and therefore the boycott will continue," said Wildmon after meeting with Target officials on May 11, as reported by OneNewsNow.

That meeting was brought about by the boycott campaign, Wildmon pointed out. He also cited the company's nearly 20 percent drop in stock value as one of the most damaging effects of the boycott pledges. He also cited that Target was all alone in its stand because "companies saw how unpopular Target's decision was among the American public."

Opponents of the transgender bathroom law that President Barack Obama himself endorsed consider the policy as dangerous. They believe this endangers wives and daughters from sexual predators who can easily enter the women's restrooms because of the policy.

"We must regard basic biological facts above one's confused desires to be something or someone they're not," Wildmon wrote.

He again urged the public, "We must stand firm on our values. That means not spending money with companies that go directly against our values and put women and children in harm's way."

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