'Attack on Titan' season 2 spoilers: Former friends engage in one of anime's bloodiest battle

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"Attack on Titan" season 2 will feature some of the biggest moments of the anime, but also some of its dullest storylines, as per new reports.

Those who are fans of action will be happy to know that epic battles with Titans will take place in the upcoming season including the destructive confrontations of the Armored Titan and the Rogue Titan.

Since "Attack on Titan" is expected to be loyal to its source material, which is the mega popular manga of the same name by Hajime Isayama, viewers can expect these two Titans to tussle.

Spoiler Alert! The following includes plot details from the "Attack on Titan" manga and the anime. Proceed only those who want to know.

Of course, as followers of the "Attack on Titan" manga know by now, the Armored Titan and the Rogue Titan are Titan Shifters. The former is Reiner Braun and the latter is Eren Jaeger.

With these two set to battle it out in "Attack on Titan" season 2, media outlets believe that the scenes will also invoke drama, considering that these two enemies were close friends.

Eren and Reiner were estranged by the horrible happenings in the town. In "Attack on Titan" season 2, fans will see their friendship crumble as they try to destroy each other in one of the most epic battles in the anime.

Meanwhile, with their battles set to be some of the highest points of "Attack on Titan" season 2, it is expected that the middle part of the upcoming season will be a bit dull.

"Attack on Titan" season 2 will feature the Uprising arc, which will see the heroes turn their attention to Wall Sina in an attempt to take down royalty.

Although this is crucial to the plotline, action buffs may find it a bit boring, according to Enstarz, since it will take a while before something noteworthy happens.

Overall, the new season is still highly anticipated, considering that fans have been waiting for it for years. "Attack on Titan" season 2 was delayed to early 2017.

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