Boston Celtics trade rumors: Celtics eyeing superstar guard from Indiana

(Wikimedia Commons / joshuak8)Paul George (left) of the Indiana Pacers.

If rumors are to be believed, the Boston Celtics may be eyeing one of the best players in the league at the moment to help strengthen their squad.

Talks have been circulating that three teams might switch their star players in order to help their squad, with the Celtics being at the center of it all.

Three teams are involved in the trade with the Celtics, the Indiana Pacers and the Sacramento Kings are rumored to be working out a deal to bring their stars elsewhere.

Following the talks, the Celtics are aiming to get Paul George in a surprise move, along with Ben McLemore of the Kings. This would certainly strengthen their core and would bring playoff and championship hopes to the city once more.

At the moment, the Celtics have stars like Isaiah Thomas and Al Horford who recently opened their 2016-17 season with a win over the Brooklyn Nets.

As a team that many are considering to make a playoff run, having George in the Celtics will definitely mean that they are willing to give up a lot of players as well.

Rumors suggest that the Celtics may give up some starters and even draft picks in order to make things work.

It would be worth it as George is is steadily improving and being eyed as a possible MVP this year. McLemore is still believed to be a good player and needs to be guided to a better direction to maximize his talents.

As for the other trades, the Pacers would be getting DeMarcus Cousins, putting to rest all speculations that the star center may want out of Sacramento.

Along with Cousins, Jae Crowder and a 2017 draft pick from the Celtics will move to Indiana, while Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown, Amir Johnson and a 2018 draft pick will go to the rebuilding Kings.

It may be a process that will take some time for the teams to maximize, especially for the Kings. The Celtics are the clear winners here if the deal pushes through.

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