'Dragon Ball Super' episode 57, 58 spoilers news 2016: Secrets of Zamasu to be revealed

Episode 57 of the hit anime "Dragon Ball Super" is titled "Advent of the Invincible God, Zamasu." On the other hand, episode 58 of the series will be titled "The Secret of Black and Zamasu."

As the 57th title implies, the episode will dwell on Zamasu's character. Sources said that otaku or anime enthusiasts will learn more about how he got his god-like powers and how he became invincible. It will most likely also reveal how Zamasu came to possess the time ring and whether or not he killed Gowasu.

Moreover, otakus will see a continuation of the battle between Son Goku and Black in the forthcoming episode. In the recently released trailer, Zamasu was seen with a wide grin, apparently celebrating the battle.

(Toei Animation Official Japanese Website)Promotional image for "Dragon Ball Super"

Fans are worried about the continuation of the battle mainly because the showrunners might decide to give Goku another transformation. Sources said that if the creators give Goku a better power-up than Super Saiyan Blue, it would already be too much.

Meanwhile, episode 58 will reportedly be about Black and Zamasu, explaining how the pair came to be partners in crime.

Recently, "Dragon Ball Super" titles for episodes 57 to 66 were released online but sources said that only the titles for episodes 57 and 58 have been confirmed.

The following titles released by Yibada have yet to be confirmed: episode 59 "Desperation! Trunks back to the past again!"; episode 60 "Help the sixth universe, called New Warriors!!"; episode 61 "New Generation Training"; episode 62 "The Apocalyptic Furture sasasa Zamasu and Black"; episode 63 "The secret of Namek book?"; episode 64 "Traveling to the Distant Past, in Search of the Legendary Super Saiyan"; episode 65 "The man with a scar?!"; and episode 66 "The Largest Potential of the Universe 6 and 7 Together."

Episode 57 "Advent of the Invincible God, Zamasu" will air on Sunday, Sept 4. The succeeding episode "The Secret of Black and Zamasu" will premiere the following Sunday on Sept 11.

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