'Fairy Tail' chapter 511 spoilers: Light mages to battle it out as Natsu's past is revealed

(Kodansha Comics official website)"Fairy Tail" is a popular manga series written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima and has been serialized on the "Weekly Shounen Jump" magazine since 2006.

Sting, the White Dragon Slayer has finally arrived, lured by Rahkeid's scent, which according to him resembles that of Natsu's. And since he can withstand Rahkeid's Pleasure magic, will he finally be able to put Zeref's son down, or will his arrival only drive the young Dragneel to reveal more of his powerful magic?

The first half of chapter 510 titled "Natsu's Heart" gave readers a peek into the fire mage's heart wherein a projection of his older brother Zeref told him the story of how he died and lived again after a dragon leveled their village to the ground. Zeref also told Natsu that he was going to die soon, but before he did, all the gaps in his memories are going to be filled first.

The chapter also featured a projection of Natsu's friend, Sting, who promised to help Natsu know and understand the identity of E.N.D. Natsu's trip down memory lane is expected to continue in future chapters of "Fairy Tail" and could feature projections of other people in Natsu's life, who will take turns in helping him regain his lost memories.

But chapter 511 titled "Hunger Hell" might focus heavily on the upcoming fight between light mages Rahkeid and the real Sting, who has finally found his way back to the battlefield. Are they as evenly matched as they initially seem or will one surprise the other with an unexpected technique that dangerously tips the scale? Whose light magic will prevail in the end?

Another unresolved mystery that will hopefully be featured soon is the relationship between Erza and Irene. Will the next chapter finally take the battle back to the two strong women who bear more than a passing resemblance to each other? Will the revelation of their relations give a definitive answer or bring up more questions about their existence?

"Fairy Tail" chapter 511 will be released on issue #51 of the "Weekly Shounen Jump" magazine, which officially goes on sale on Monday, Nov. 21.

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