'Fallout 4' mods update: Nexus mods improve gameplay; Bethesda clarifies restrictions on PS4 mods

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The new mods for "Fallout 4" include an array of new weapons, improved facial expressions for the game's characters, and better gameplay.

Modder Azarkiowa created a mod that added holstered weapons for both female and male "Fallout 4" characters. The items featured in the mod included a 10-millimeter (mm) hip holster, a 10-mm thigh holster, a holstered rifle, a holstered shotgun, and a holstered rifle and shotgun combo. There's also a shotgun and rifle backpack available in nine different variations. All the items include a minor armor bonus and can be created in the Chemistry Workstation or purchased from the Commonwealth Weaponry in Diamond City.

More weapons are available in a mod from Nexus modder Millenia, whose M3D - OTs - 02 Kiparis mod added a standalone OTs-02 "Kiparis" sub-machinegun with in-game modifications to the "Fallout 4" weapons cache. The sub-machinegun can be found in random containers and locations and with various vendors and enemies across the video game's vast wasteland. It comes with custom sounds and a complete leveled list integration via script.

Other "Fallout 4" weapon mods include one that featured an AK-47 Russian Assault Rifle, another that brought back the Right Handed Hunting Rifle, and a third that introduced the Wasteland Melody's Heavy Machine gun, a high-powered full-bodied .50-caliber handheld weapon.

iTechPost added that there's also a "Fallout 4" mod that featured natural expression fixes for the video game's characters, eliminating the "cartoon face" that plagued some of them and reducing face deformation for both playable and nonplayable characters.

The "Fallout 4" mods are all fan-created. There are currently no pre-installed mods for the action role-playing video game, but there is a creation kit that allows players to build their own mods.

After a lot of speculation, Bethesda has confirmed that there will be mod support for the PS4 version of "Fallout 4." However, unlike with the Xbox One and the PC, there will be restrictions on how mods will work on the PS4.

Bethesda's vice president of PR and marketing Pete Hines recently confirmed on Twitter that players will be able to mod the PS4 version of "Fallout 4" using any of the assets found in the main game and its DLCs. However, anything that is not in the games code is off limits. He also said that those who want to make mods that will work on the PS4 will have to purchase the PS4 version of the main game or any of its DLCs.

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