'God of War 4' release date and gameplay rumors: Fourth game could be under development, game developer looking for more creators?

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Game developer Santa Monica Studio and publisher Sony Computer Entertainment have already announced the fourth installment of the "God of War" series last year. However, up until now, fans are still waiting for either company to provide specific details with regard to its development and release date. Nonetheless, video game observers believe that the upcoming title will be massive once it hits the market.

The remastered "God of War 3" was released last year, which was also well received by many fans. It was previously announced by Cory Barlog, the head writer of the series, that the company will immediately shift their focus on the development of the "God of War 4" as soon as they are done with the remastered version of "God of War 3." Santa Monica Studio may have already started the development of the highly anticipated fourth installment of third-person action-adventure video game.

According to a report by Gamasutra , the game developer is reportedly hiring 50 game creators to help them on their next big project for PlayStation 4. Many assume that that the huge project they are talking about is the "God of War 4." If rumors prove to be true, 50 developers working on a single project must be pretty huge. Nonetheless, both the game developer and publisher have yet to confirm these reports.

Meanwhile, many fans were disappointed when reports of Kratos not included in the fourth installment emerged on the Internet. Some players are saying that it will be hard to imagine a new "God of War" title without Kratos in it. The company must come up with a much better plan if they decide to go on with a story without including Kratos.

There are also reports saying that the next "God of War" game could be a prequel to the series or a spin-off. Previous rumors suggest that the game may include other pantheons such as Loki, Thor and Norse Gods like Odin.

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