Donnie McClurkin tells Christians to stop protesting against Trump

Gospel singer Donnie McClurkin urged Christians to stop protesting against President Donald Trump because he believes that it does not encourage productive action.

"The protests do nothing but rile [people] up. It causes people's anger to rise up and it gives us a false sense of involvement," McClurkin said on syndicated radio show Get Up! Mornings With Erica Campbell.

(YouTube/CalvaryFL)Donnie McClurkin appears in a screen shot of a video from CalvaryFL.

The gospel singer argued that people can gain a true sense of involvement by voting. However, Campbell disagreed with the notion that protesting does not achieve anything and insisted that it gets the attention of the necessary people.

"It stops their progress. It makes the police have to respond and they have to spend money, they have to clear the streets and they have to organize," she said, according to The Christian Post.

McClurkin, who is also the pastor of Perfecting Faith Church in Freeport New York, asserted that the only money being spent in those situations were taxpayer dollars. He stressed that he did not vote for Trump because of his views on race and gender, but he asked Christians to deal with the president with prayer instead of protests.

"Now is our time to pray for him. This is the job of the church," the gospel singer said. "Let the world protest but the job of the church now is to go into prayer and pray that, number one, he succeeds, because if he fails, we have to deal with the consequences as a nation," he added.

Campbell's sister, Tina Campbell, echoed McClurkin's sentiments and said that people should pray more for their leaders instead of complaining about Trump being in office. She posted an open letter to Trump on her Facebook page last week to explain why she chose to forgive and support the president.

Citing Ephesians 3:20, Tina expressed her beliefs that it is necessary for people to be understanding and to have compassion in order to achieve progress.

Tina, who is also a gospel singer, maintained that she does not fully agree with Trump's actions, but she is leaning on biblical standards to forgive and believe in the president.

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