iOS 10 jailbreak release date news update: iOS 10 jailbreak tool already developed but not yet released?

The first major update for the iOS 10 was finally unveiled this week. Apple released the full version of the iOS 10 back in September, and since then, there have been a number of minor updates that rolled out in several iPad and iPhone devices. As the iOS 10 continues to expand and improve, Apple users are wondering if the mobile hackers will find a way to jailbreak the latest iOS version.

(Reuters/Yuya Shino)A woman holds up the iPhone 6 Plus at the Apple Store at Tokyo's Omotesando shopping district Sept. 19, 2014.

As reported by Gotta Be Mobile, the iOS 10.1 major update aims to fix a number of bugs from the previous iOS versions. Likewise, iOS 10.1 is also expected to include s special feature only exclusive for the iPhone 7 Plus smartphones. Although it is not officially stated, Apple may have found the opportunity to further strengthen the security measure of the iOS 10 with the major update. Thus, hackers will have a harder time to find a crack for this iOS 10 version. As difficult as it may sound, it does not mean that the hackers will fail in developing the much-awaited iOS 10 jailbreak tool.

Usually, it only takes a few weeks after the release of an iOS version in order for the hackers to come up with a jailbreak tool. However, as of the moment, there are no confirmed jailbreak software available on the internet that will crack the sturdy iOS 10 security barrier. Some people are starting to be bothered by the delay, although there is hope that it will be released one day. In fact, the latest rumors suggest that Pangu, a Chinese mobile hacker group behind the iOS 9 jailbreak, may have already developed the iOS 10 crack. However, Pangu may just be waiting for the first iOS 10 major updates before they make the jailbreak tool available for the public.

Apple's regular release of iOS 10 minor updates, the iOS 10.0.1 and 10.0.2, is thought to be the reason of the jailbreak tool's delay. Even though the recent iOS 10.0.1 and 10.0.2 are considered as minor updates only, the changes from the original settings of the iOS 10 may be significant enough to pose a problem to the hackers. There might be some changes applied in the security settings of the iOS 10, thus making it harder for Pangu and other hackers to bypass its system.

The iOS 10 jailbreak is going allow iPad and iPhone users to personalize the settings, like making use of the applications' features while the screen is locked. Some people are also expecting that the jailbreak will make the notifications on the iOS 10 screen appearing in chronological order, with the recent ones listed first, according to Apple Insider

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