Jeremy Lin injury news: Lin slowly getting back into his old form

(Reuters/Adam Hunger)Jeremy Lin is shown in this photo.

Jeremy Lin is back, having played in five games since he came back to playing form after suffering a hamstring injury.

Lin sustained the injury back on Nov. 2 and missed 17 games because of it. He only started playing again on Dec. 12. The Brooklyn Nets point guard may not be completely back to his old form yet, but he has, so far, been contributing double-digit points to his team.

Against the Houston Rockets on Dec. 12 and the Orlando Magic on Dec. 16, Lin contributed 10 and 16 points, respectively, according to ESPN. Although, it was not enough to give the Nets a win. He was also given minutes in the games against the Philadelphia 76ers on Dec. 18, the Toronto Raptors on Dec. 20, and the Golden State Warriors on Dec. 22, posting 16, 12, and 10 points, respectively. The Nets lost in all five games, but it was a close fight with Philadelphia at 107–108.

Lin was sidelined at the Dec. 16 game against the Los Angeles Lakers due to back spasms.

Brooklyn Nets coach Kenny Atkinson has been careful not to overwhelm Lin, limiting his minutes on the floor to only 20 in his first two games since returning from injury. It was raised to 22 minutes against the Sixers, 25 against the Raptors, and 25 against Warriors.

The Nets are currently the weakest team in the Eastern conference, having recorded only seven wins and 21 loses.

First-year coach Atkinson, who had worked with Lin even before the latter joined the NBA, puts a lot of faith in Lin. The basketball star had his best season with Charlotte Hornets last year, but he now plays a different role in Brooklyn.

"He came off the bench in Charlotte last year and did a heck of a job, but this is a little different deal now," Atkinson told reporters, according to New York Daily News, adding, "You're kind of the quarterback. You're the Eli Manning, those guys, so there's a different level of responsibility."

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