Jeremy Lin reminds Christians about urgent need for evangelism

(Reuters/Adam Hunger)New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin reacts after hitting a three-point shot against the Dallas Mavericks in the fourth quarter of their NBA basketball game at Madison Square Garden in New York, February 19, 2012.

NBA star Jeremy Lin has recently reminded Christians about the urgent need for evangelism, amid his concerns about the "scary" reality that many "lost souls" will "spend eternity in condemnation."

Lin, who is currently recovering from a knee injury, recently sent an email to his digital prayer group to encourage them to share the Gospel with their family members and friends.

The Christian athlete indicated that he had been contemplating the Biblical passage Luke 16:19-31, in which Jesus tells the parable of Lazarus and the rich man. In the parable, Lazarus went to Heaven after his death, while the rich man, who lived a life of lavishness and disregarded the poor, was tormented in Hell.

"I encourage everyone to read this passage and to think about your family members, close friends, co-workers, peers or even strangers as the rich man in this passage," Lin wrote, as reported by The Gospel Herald.

"I've been more convicted to further see everyone as a potential lost soul who will spend eternity in condemnation. That's a very scary thought! Please check this passage out because it really puts a stronger conviction and urgency on evangelism, as well as living our earthly lives chasing eternal things," he continued.

Lin, who plays for the Brooklyn Nets, went on to ask his fans to pray that he will become a "radical steward" of the wealth that God has blessed him in the coming year.

He also asked his fans to pray for the continued recovery of his knee following his surgery in October.

Lin had admitted to his digital prayer group that he had become frustrated by the multiple hamstring injuries he suffered last year for much of the season.

Late last month, the NBA star noted that he is making major strides following his knee surgery, but he said that he does not want the rehabilitation process to get in the way of his relationship with God.

"Please continue to pray that my knee and body recovers well, and that my mind doesn't allow rehab to become a bigger priority than Christ. That's always a temptation whenever I approach a big challenge -- that I lose sight of prioritizing God as #1," Lin told his digital prayer group at the time.

Lin had revealed in late November that he went out of the country to recover from his knee surgery. The athlete noted that he went on a comprehensive rehab program at Fortius Sport & Health in Burnaby, British Columbia, outside Vancouver, that will have him at the recovery center for most of the season.

Nets Coach Kenny Atkinson noted that the team is closely monitoring Lin's progress and remaining in touch with him and his trainers in Canada.

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