'Kingdom Hearts 3' release date, updates, rumors: Game to launch April 2017 with 'Zootopia,' 'Frozen' and Marvel references?

(FACEBOOK/Official Kingdom Hearts page)A screenshot of 'Kingdom Hearts' game.

A lot of "Kingdom Hearts" fans are already hyped about the next installment in the game franchise. Square Enix, the successful video game developer company behind the big game titles such as the "Final Fantasy" series, has nothing to confirm yet regarding the launch date and major contents of "Kingdom Hearts 3," although there are rumors that the upcoming game sequel will contain the new Disney worlds. The new trailer for "Kingdom Hearts 3" is expected to be revealed at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2016 while the final version of the game will be released in April 2017.

Amid all the speculations among the fans, "Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X" game producer Hironori Okiyama teased that those who will be attending E3 2016 will be getting a lot of "Kingdom Hearts 3" scoops, and one of the highlights of Square Enix's presentation will be the game's contents fresh from the new Disney worlds, Yibada reported. Moreover, the fans may be able to get an official release date for "Kingdom Hearts 3," which is rumored to fall in April next year.

Likewise, "Kingdom Hearts" co-director Tai Yasue had also teased the fans in the past that Square Enix was considering to include contents from the recent Marvel and Star Wars films, which are all administered by Disney. However, this step would require the company to follow long procedures to obtain the rights to feature Disney-owned franchises in "Kingdom Hearts 3."

Yibada also noted that the featured contents from Disney in "Kingdom Hearts 3" are Mt. Olympus from the animated feature film "Hercules," the Kingdom of Corono from "Tangled," and San Frantokyo from "Big Hero 6." Several fans have been also requesting to include contents from the recent Disney films such as "Zootopia" and Frozen." 

Gaming Bolt reported that Square Enix will be unveiling "Kingdom Hearts 3" at E3 2016 that will run from June 14-16 with a trailer that will showcase "Zootopia," "Frozen," and other big Marvel and "Star Wars" featured contents in the game. E3 seems to be the perfect spot to introduce "Kingdom Hearts 3" to the public as game enthusiasts all over the world gather in the event to get the latest scoop in the electronic entertainment world. Also, Okayama said in an interview with The Koalition that gaming fans can expect to know more about the upcoming "Kingdom Hearts" sequel at E3.

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