Korn's Brian 'Head' Welch says attacks from Christians are 'really discouraging'

(YouTube/TheRealtalktvshow)Brian "Head" Welch appears in a screen capture of a video interview with Real Talk's Justin Miller.

Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch recently expressed his disappointment with the criticisms from the conservative Christian community.

In an interview with Real Talk's Justin Miller, Welch spoke about the criticisms he receives from the Christian community for his participation in the secular rock scene. He recalled that he once felt the same way about the rock scene, and he even urged Korn's bass player to leave the band.

"I went through a religious mindset before too, and I remember I told the bass player in KORN, I was, like, 'How can you go and play those songs, bro? You should come with me. We'll do something else on our own,'" he recounted.

"So I get that. I wasn't bashing him like people do online, but I get that mindset, so I try not to get too mad. But when they attack you, it gets really discouraging, and it's hard not to get bitter and mad at 'em," he added.

The guitarist advised other Christians to be patient and loving towards others because he believes that it takes some time for some people to "let go of things."

Welch decided to leave Korn in 2005 after he became a Christian, but he rejoined the band in early 2013. In an interview with The Arizona Republic last July, he said that he would not have rejoined the band if the other members were still into partying and drugs.

His bandmate Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu also had a highly public conversion experience, which has been met with a certain amount of skepticism.

In an interview with Spirit 105.3 last July, Arvizu disclosed that his encounter with Jesus Christ was different from Welch's conversion.

The bassist explained that he did not have to leave the band when he became a Christian because he was in a more stable situation. He noted that Welch was in a more difficult position because he had a daughter, so he decided to leave the band in 2005.

In Arvizu's 2009 memoir titled "Got the Life: My Journey of Addiction, Faith, Recovery, and Korn," the bassist shared his struggles with alcohol and drug addiction during the band's early years before he became a Christian and got sober.

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