MacBook Air 2016 release date rumors: Apple to discontinue laptop lineup?

The anticipation for the rumored MacBook Air 2016 has been high, but it seems like it won't be for long as reports suggest that the said laptop isn't even going to see the light of day anymore.

(Apple official website)Official render of Apple Inc's MacBook Air

First unveiled about 10 years ago, the MacBook Air series has received several enhancements and changes over the years. Many expected a 2016 version, but rumors are rampant, claiming that Apple has decided to put a halt on the production of the Air lineup to pave the way for new models.

Reports cited that the folks from the Cupertino-based tech giant will be putting their effort and focus on the new MacBook Pro series. And because the product was never mentioned during this year's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), it seems a new MacBook air release would be improbable.

However, nothing has been confirmed yet, and Apple may still potentially pick up the MacBook Air 2016 laptop. Rumors floating around suggest that it will be sporting USB Type-C ports and a future-proof connector that is quicker and flappable.

But some reports contradicted the rumors, saying that the alleged new features will not be found on MacBook Air laptops and instead, will be heading to the higher-end model, the MacBook Pro. Fans have observed that lately, the Air lineup has been getting significant revamps but mere minor updates. This led many to believe that Apple is really cutting the Air series from their lineup so that they can make more enhancements for the Pro model.

For those who are waiting for the MacBook Pro, reports detailed that it may be coming with Apple's latest operating system which is the Mac OS Sierra. It will also reportedly come with iPhone's SIRI. Rumors also suggest that the portable notebook will be getting an OLED touch bar, a feature that many have been asking for.

For now, the fate of the MacBook Air 2016 is hazy, but a couple of fans are optimistic that Apple will still release a more advanced version of the model sometime this year.

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