Moto X 2016 release date, specs news update: Device spotted at benchmark listing, to come out in May?

Every year, Motorola rolls out its flagship smartphone, Moto X. This year, many followers of the company are waiting for them to announce the upcoming 2016 iteration. There have been rumors and speculations with regard to its specs and release date details, but Motorola has yet to confirm them. The latest report came from a supposed benchmark results that show the impressive specs of the device.

(REUTERS/LUCAS JACKSON)Different colored examples of Motorola's new Moto X phones rest on a table at a launch event in New York.

In a report by Phone Radar, it was mentioned that Lenovo-owned Moto X will come with a more powerful specs under the hood. It will be headed by Snapdragon 820 chipset from Qualcomm, which has been pretty reliable that most of flagship models nowadays are running on it.

According to the report, the device will also run on 4 GB of RAM, which will be good for optimal usage especially for users who like to multitask. It will also house a USB Type-C connector and a camera feature, which has no details as of the moment.

Other features of the device include a fingerprint scanner located below the screen and a 5-inch display with full HD capability. However, there are also reports suggesting that the device may come with QHD display. Amidst the contradicting reports from different tech media outlets, fans just want Lenovo to make sure that they will release a much-improved version of the smartphone in 2016.

Lenovo is also hoping that the next Moto X release will be able to compete with the major players in the market today such as Apple and Samsung.

There is still no information as to when the device will roll out but there are fans and critics who are confident that the company will launch the upcoming Moto X smartphone in May. Apparently, Lenovo has a scheduled event in India on May 17, according to Ubergizmo. The publication reported that the event will introduce new Motorola and Lenovo products that are expected to come out in 2016.

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