New documentary aims to present argument for historical accuracy of Genesis

(Pixabay/Meditations)A new documentary titled "Is Genesis History?" aims to present arguments for the historical accuracy of the first book of the Bible.

A soon-to-be-released film is aiming to provide visual evidence and scientific arguments for the Creation and the Flood as recorded in the book of Genesis.

The film "Is Genesis History?" is scheduled to be shown in hundreds of movie theaters across the U.S. in a one-night showing on Feb. 23.

The documentary-style film, produced by Compass Cinema, features interviews with Christian scientists such as astronomer Danny Faulkner, microbiologist Kevin Anderson, geologist Andrew Snelling and others.

The film's host, Del Tackett, also guides the viewers through more than a dozen locations and landmarks both contrasting views of creation and evolution.

Some of the locations featured in the film include Grand Canyon National Park, Pockett Wilderness, Coral World Ocean Park, Bountiful Blessings Farm, Discovery Park of America, Chino Valley and Sedona, Arizona.

It delves into topics such as the Big Bang, radiocarbon dating, transitional forms, dinosaurs, starlight, coal formation, rock layers and genealogies.

According to the film's official website, the documentary will "challenge and change the way you see the world."

Thomas Purifoy, Jr., the producer of the documentary, says that it will be useful to people of all ages. He revealed that he was inspired to create the film after he had a conversation about creation and evolution with his daughter.

He narrated that he had a hard time explaining things to his daughter, so he and Tackett sought out the scientists to help explain the world as recorded in the book of Genesis.

Purifoy said that biblical authority is the main focus of the film, and he hopes that people who watch it would be reminded of the reliability and the accuracy of Genesis. He noted that while science is useful, he contended that it is not the ultimate authority.

"Every field of science has changed many times through history, and will continue to do so. History, on the other hand, is unchanging. And if the Bible is anything, it's a book of history," Purifoy told Christian News.

"Whether it reports the creation of the world, the fall of man, the coronation of King David, or the birth of Jesus, it is just recounting real events that happened in a real place at a real time," he added.

The film has already received the endorsements of Answers in Genesis and the Associates for Biblical Research.

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