Nuns refuse to sell convent to Katy Perry due to her alleged connection with witchcraft

(Reuters/Jonathan Alcorn)Singer Katy Perry attends the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)'s 35th Anniversary Gala presented by Louis Vuitton at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA in Los Angeles, California March 29, 2014.

Two nuns from the Order of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary in California are fighting the sale of a convent to pop star Katy Perry due to her alleged involvement in witchcraft.

Sister Rita Callanan, 78, and Sister Rose Catherine Holzman, 86, are locked in a legal battle over who has the right to sell a historic convent where they once lived, according to the Daily Mail.

The Los Angeles Diocese is claiming ownership of the Los Feliz Villa, which once housed the Order. The diocese wants to sell the property to Perry, but the nuns maintained that they own the land and refuse to sell it to the singer due to concerns about her lifestyle.

"I gave a lot of the things from the internet to show the archdiocese what kind of woman she was. Some of the things she does are disgusting," said Callanan.

The nuns have called in a Signatura, the highest judicial authority at the Vatican, to intervene after Archbishop Jose Gomez filed a lawsuit against them in civil court.

"We have a lawyer in Rome. I just don't think the pope will let the archbishop sell to Katy Perry," Callanan stated.

The nuns recounted their meeting with Perry where they brought up the issue of her supposed involvement with witchcraft.

During the meeting, Callanan said Perry showed her a tattoo with the name Jesus on her wrist, but the nuns were keen to ask the singer about her participation in the 2014 "Witch Walk" in Salem.

Perry reportedly told them that she could recall being in Salem, although there was a photograph of her posing with witches at the event.

"I said: 'Come on, you didn't know you were in Salem at a witchcraft thing? You don't remember it? That would stick way out in my mind. I read it, was that incorrect information?'" Callanan recounted.

Perry, who has offered to pay $14.5 million for the property, reportedly wanted to buy the villa so that she could "sit down and drink green tea, and just go to the meditation garden and just meditate."

The nuns want to sell the property to Dana Hollister, a restaurateur and property developer, who had $10 million for a grant deed. She is also planning to pay up to $5.5 million to the archdiocese to buy out the lease on the priests' home. However, there are reports that her purchase may not happen due to concerns about zoning.

The L.A. Superior Court is expected to hand down a ruling within two weeks, and a status conference has been set for April 4.

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