'One Punch Man' Season 2 release date, spoilers news: New season to have 12 episodes; Saitama to fight Lord Boros, Garou and Amai Mask

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The possible storyline of the second season of "One Punch Man" has not yet been revealed, although the rumors are rife that Season 2 is going to be action-packed. In fact, it is likely that the fans of the hit anime series can expect much more thrilling sequence in the second season than the first. This is due to the number of story arcs from the original "One Punch Man" manga series that are going to be included in Season 2. It is reported that the new season will be featuring 12 episodes filled with intense action sequences.

According to MNR Daily, the development stage of the anime series is already ongoing, that is per the statement of "One Punch Man" manga illustrator Yusuke Murata. The 12 episodes planned for Season 2 is actually a bit more than the first, and this is because the new chapter of the anime will tackle nine full volumes from the manga version. It is still not confirmed, however, which story arcs from the manga are going to be included in the second season.

With "One Punch Man" having more episodes this Season 2, many would expect that it is going to bring much more thrill. This could be the case of the second season may not only feature one main villain, but three. Recent reports suggest that the former main antagonist from Season 1, Lord Boros, is going to make a comeback next season and have his sweet revenge. It can be recalled that Lord Boros was defeated by Saitama in an intense fight, where the former even lost an arm in their battle. Interestingly, Boros will be accompanied by two other villains, namely Garou and Amai Mask.

Readers of the "One Punch Man" manga series would know that Garou can be introduced as Saitama's new enemy in Season 2. The former student of S-Class rank 3 hero Bang, also known as Silver Fang, will harbor anger towards the Earth's heroes that he would eventually antagonize Saitama's heroes' organization. Garou will later on use the powerful technique taught to him by his mentor for the sake of evil. Silver Fang will have no choice but to exile Garou due to the latter's growing darkness in him. Garou is the villain of the "Hero Hunter" arc of the manga version.

Meanwhile, Amai Mask always believe that the heroes should be perfect in the eyes of the people. They are role models that the public always look upon. Unfortunately, this belief would slowly turn Amai Mask towards the dark side, as he would become a bit too perfectionist where he can kill the innocent. Aside from being a hero himself, Amai Mask is also an actor and a singer.

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