'One Punch Man' Season 2 release date, spoilers update 2016: Saitama returns sometime Nov to Dec as his most powerful foe arrives

(One Punch Man Official Facebook page)One Punch Man is expected to return later this year.

The upcoming second season of the hit anime TV series "One Punch Man" will not make its fans wait for too long. "One Punch Man" manga series creator Murata Yusuke revealed that his team has already started to make Season 2. There are no official announcements as of now about when the series will return, but the soundest rumor has it that Season 2 is expected to premiere anytime in November until December, according to reports.

Aside from the usual intense duels, incredible fighting styles and breath-taking stunts, "One Punch Man" will introduce the most formidable and fearsome villain ever known in this series. This would mean Saitama may not let his guard down just yet as someone might take from him the title of being the most powerful hero in the world.

It was reported before that the new villain to be introduced in Season 2 will not come from another planet. Online reports revealed that the person who will be able to match Saitama's wrath is named Garou. He is reportedly a former student of the Class S hero Silver Fang, a powerful master of the martial arts that can use the terrifying "Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist."

Rumors about his character include his troublesome behavior as youth and that he can no longer distinguish what is right from what is wrong, the reason Silver Fang was forced to send his student to exile.

As Garou unleashes his fury to the world and plans to kill the remaining heroes on Earth, Saitama will be forced to defeat Garou with all his strength before the cunning villain succeeds in achieving his goal.

There are also rumors that the powerful Class A Rank 1 hero Amai Mask will have a special role in "One Punch Man" season 2 that is intended to challenge Saitama and test his capabilities of becoming a revered fighting hero. According to a report from MNR Daily, Amai Mask is the character said to become the strongest villain since the first season and Saitama will take the challenge of standing against Amai Mask. It is not final or conclusive if Amai Mask is going to be a full-fledged villain as he may only test Saitama's skills before the "One Punch Man" protagonist finally becomes a Class S warrior.

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