'One Punch Man' Season 2 release date news 2016: Second season coming up after English-dubbed season 1 rerun

(YouTube/Toonami)A screenshot of Saitama from the "One Punch Man" Season 1 English dub trailer

There is no confirmation yet regarding the air date of the second season of "One Punch Man." The first season of the hit anime series ended December last year, and so far, there are rumors suggesting that Season 2 will be released sometime this year. Specifically, the rumors are rife that the next chapter of the series will open right after the English-dubbed rerun of the first season on TV.

According to iTech Post, the second season of "One Punch Man" will be aired right after the rerun of the first season. A few months ago, "One Punch Man" Season 1 returned to television but was made to have an English dub for non-Japanese speakers. It is said that there is no official announcement yet for Season 2 as it is planned to be aired after the Season 1 finale. If this turns out to be correct, the Season 2 will come out as a huge surprise among viewers. 

According to Asia Starz, the end of the English-dubbed Season 1 rerun will be sometime in October to November. In this case, the second season premiere of "One Punch Man" can be expected in November. Prior to its release, it is rumored that the Season 2 premiere will be officially announced in September.

As for the latest plot rumors for "One Punch Man" Season 2, it has been reported that series' main hero Saitama may lose his extraordinary power. With this, his powerful punches will have no effect on his future enemies in the series, particularly Amai Mask. It is possible that Genos will emerge as the new hero to help the people with the absence of Saitama, although there is also a possibility that Genos and Saitama may find themselves on opposite sides. However, it is not confirmed if Saitama will actually fight Genos in Season 2. Also, it is rumored that Season 1's main villain Lord Boros will return and challenge Saitama once again.

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