'One Punch Man' season 2 release date, spoilers news 2016: New villains to arrive; season release sped up

It was earlier reported that the season 2 release for "One-Punch Man" was delayed, or even cancelled. With the show being one of those most awaited by fans, it seems that production may have sped up as new reports have it that "One-Punch Man" season 2 will be out by October.

(Shonen Jump-Viz Media Official website)"One-Punch Man" season 2

The delay reportedly has been due to the hectic schedule of the manga artist, Yusuke Murata. As it happens to be his major illustrative work, Murata has renewed efforts to finish the next season of "One-Punch Man" which has been so long anticipated by its eager followers. Many fans were disappointed with earlier reports that the next installment may not be released this year, and worse, cancelled.

It would seem that Saitama will have a lot on his hands in season 2 of "One-Punch Man" with three new villains to face. It was reported that he will have to battle Garou, who is known to be the strongest villain in the series' second season. Garou is the former student of Fang-an S-Class Hero.

It was Fang who taught Garou the Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist technique, but the master did not count on the latter using it for villainous pursuits. Fang hoped that Garou would turn out to be a hero, but sadly, the student persisted in his evil ways. This is why Fang expelled him.

Besides Garou, Saitama will have to face Lord Boros as well as Amai Mask.

Saitama has already faced Lord Boros in "One-Punch Man" season 1, but the latter is said to be coming back in the new season to challenge Saitama once more in the hopes of winning this time around.

As for Amai Mask, he is set to take his revenge on the Heroes Association, and this will set the stage for his later fight with Saitama.

It looks like Saitama will not have a shortage of foes to fight with this season.

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