'Pokemon Go' cheats, tips and tricks update: Buddy system tips

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Niantic recently released the latest update for the hit augmented-reality mobile game "Pokemon Go." The update contained the Buddy System which allows players to walk side by side with their Pokemon and gain candy at the same time. The latest update is now available on Android and iOS devices.

As previously reported, players can only walk with one Pokemon at a time. Moreover, when trainers have walked with their buddy for a particular distance, they will be rewarded with candy.

Although the buddy system has been live for a relatively short amount of time, players have discovered a few crucial facts about it.

Sources say that buddy Pokémon have limited access to gyms. A Reddit user also discovered that buddy Pokemon can still be used for acquiring candy even after training or even after they have fainted in battle.

Though trainers can only use one buddy at a time, players can always swap it for a different Pokemon. Another Reddit user revealed that changing your Pokemon will not affect the total distance which one has already accumulated.

When players have traveled a particular distance with their buddy, trainers are rewarded with a piece of candy. However, one player noted that he was rewarded with two pieces of candy at the same time. Players are still unsure if it was a glitch in the latest update or if it is one of Niantic's secret tricks.

After walking with a Pikachu for 10 kilometers, players will be rewarded with a reference to the original "Pokemon" anime. Pikachu can now sit on the trainer's shoulder.

Furthermore, players will soon be able to play their favorite game with ease. The "Pokemon Go" Plus is a small device that gamers can wear on their wrists. Players can play the game on the device by connecting it with the app on their smartphones through Bluetooth.

Apple Watch users will also soon be able to play the game ontheir devices. But unlike the "Pokemon Go" Plus, players won't have to connect the device to their smartphones.

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