'Resident Evil 7' release date update: Promises to Bring Back Horror-Filled Theme?

Confirmed! Capcom will be releasing the highly anticipated Resident Evil 7 in 2017. The newest update of the horror and action-filled game will be a part of Capcom's presentation in the still-to-come Electronic Entertainment Expo on June 14 to 16, 201,6 which will be held in Los Angeles, California. Rumors have also been spreading that it might be released in the middle of this year.

Resident Evil 7 executive producer Masachika Kawata, announced last year via Christian Post, "We're currently not at a state to talk about it... but please stay tuned."

During the E3 2015 event, avid Resident Evil fans expected the seventh season of the video game but to no avail. However, many still believe that Capcom just needed more time for the game to be developed properly. This caution came after the Resident Evil 6 was being strongly criticized online simply because fans felt that the update fell short of the audience's expectations.

Apparently, fans were not satisfied with the game because it seemed to have deviated from its original genre which is horror. Instead, it has morphed into an action game filled with all the gun-shooting and focused less on the increased tension and thrill. Nevertheless, fans continue to speculate that the upcoming update will bring back the game's horror-filled nature.

There's no need to worry anymore as Kawata and his team are already addressing the reported concerns. He said, as quoted by Christian Post, "Since there's been more spinoff titles, I can see how it can be perceived in such a way. And of course I believe that we should produce titles that bring out the horror. I'm thinking about it and also preparing for it." In all fairness to the production team, they have been listening to the fans' feedback and are seemingly ready to step up their game in the improvement of Resident Evil 7.

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