'Sense8' release date news: Netflix series to return in fall 2016?

(Sense8 Facebok Official Page)Netflix original series "Sense8"

Fans of Netflix's sci-fi series "Sense8" are still wondering when the second season will be released. With no confirmed news from the producers or the network regarding the premiere date, the show has become subject to various rumors and speculations.

According to reports, it may still be a long wait before fans will see Sensates again. There are reports suggesting that 2017 will most likely be the target year. According to Blasting News, production for the Netflix series should already be ongoing at this point, so there's a chance that the series will premiere next year.

On the other hand, "Sense8" writer Bryce Olin had previously answered a fan question on Reddit regarding the release of season 2.

"I really hope Netflix can release Sense8 Season 2 in June, but simple math suggests we really shouldn't 'expect' to see Season 2 until much later in the summer or fall of 2016," Olin wrote.

There are also those who believe that the show will return in June, the same premiere month as the first season.

A release date has yet to be set, but with these reports, fans should expect the show to return late this year or early next year.

Meanwhile, season 2 is said to continue the story of the eight Sensates who discover that they seem to have a connection with each other. In the new season, these people will know more about their powers and will figure out how to control them when they need to.

A new character is also said to join the second season, and he will be the one to help the Sensates control their powers. Puck (Kick Gurry) will be the new guy and he will teach the Sensates how they can live normally even when they're far from each other.

Season 2 will also delve deeper into the love story between Nomi (Jamie Clayton) and
Amanita (Freema Agyeman). Will (Brian J. Smith) will also struggle to escape from Whispers (Terrence Mann).


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