'Teen Wolf' season 6 cast news, spoilers: Stiles' fate teased in new clip; Sibo Mlambo joins cast

(Facebook/Teen Wolf)Promotional image for the MTV teen drama "Teen Wolf"

A new teaser trailer for "Teen Wolf" season 6 hints at the fate of fan favorite character Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O'Brien). Meanwhile, the teen drama is beefing up its final season's cast list with the addition of a new teacher at Beacon Hills High.

Deadline reports that "Black Sails" actress Sibo Mlambo has boarded the show's sixth and final season in a recurring role. Mlambo will appear alongside O'Brien and "Teen Wolf" stars Tyler Posey and Holland Roden as a new humanities teacher/guidance counselor named Tamora Monroe. Tamora is said to be charismatic and smart. But while her passion inspires her students, it can also get too intense. Prior to her casting in the upcoming "Teen Wolf" season 6, Mlambo appeared in the 2016 films "The Last Face" and "Detour."

As for what's ahead in the final outing of "Teen Wolf," a new teaser hints that O'Brien's character will play a larger role than usual. Season 6 is said to find Scott McCall's (Posey) best friend in danger of being wiped out from existence. But before this happens, he has to work at staying alive in his friends' and loved ones' memories.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly this summer, "Teen Wolf" showrunner Jeff Davis confirmed O'Brien's return for season 6 and revealed that he is important to the final season. He also shared that the actor's injury from the set of the third "Maze Runner" film was written into "Teen Wolf" season 6.

On Sunday, Oct. 30, several "Teen Wolf" cast members appeared onstage at the EW PopFest in Los Angeles. There, they revealed that season 6's episode 13 was directed by Posey and that it is something that fans should look forward to.

"You guys are gonna love it," Khylin Rhambo, who plays Mason Hewitt, said.

"I really love acting... but I really have a passion for this directing thing," Posey quipped.

The "Teen Wolf" lead also talked about having to say goodbye to the series, saying, "It's become such a second home to me. I would stay for hours after work. I spend more time with these people, 17 hours a day, six months out of the year, for seven years... I'm really gonna miss having that second home."

"Teen Wolf" season 6 debuts on Tuesday, Nov. 15, at 9 p.m. EDT on MTV.

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