'Teen Wolf' season 6 cast updates: Injured Dylan O'Brien not returning to the show?

(Facebook/Teen Wolf)Holland Roden as Lydia Martin in "Teen Wolf"

"Teen Wolf" season 5 concluded with a cliffhanger and fans now have plenty of room for theories and speculations about what to expect in the sixth season while it waits to premiere in 2017.

Amid the speculations on which characters are to reprise their roles, which new faces are in for a comeback, and who will be the new season's big bad, reports about Dylan O'Brien are also making noise. "Teen Wolf" regular O'Brien, who plays fan favorite Stiles Stilinski, is reportedly exiting the supernatural fantasy series and will not be returning as a mainstay.

O'Brien sustained several injuries in March while shooting a vehicular stunt on the set of the movie "Maze Runner 3: The Death Cure."

"His injuries are very serious and he needs more time to recover," revealed the actor's publicist Jennifer Allen to The Entertainment Weekly.

More time is necessary for O'Brien to completely recover from his injuries and so production of "The Death Cure" is temporarily shelved and waiting to restart as soon as O'Brien is approved fit to go back to filming. This same circumstance requiring longer healing period for the actor is also what will keep him from returning in time for the production of "Teen Wolf" season 6.

Meanwhile, "Teen Wolf" showrunner Jeff Davis talked, although only minimally, about the possibilities that the show will explore for the sixth season. He mentioned about featuring a "new mythology" in the next season which he hopes will be a satisfying twist for the viewers.

Davis described the potential theme and feel of "Teen Wolf" season 6 to be like a "psychological thriller" and "more of a ghost story." There will also be an involvement of a Nazi werewolf that will only be one of the big bad in season 6. Fans can also expect the season 6 storyline to delve more deeply into the personal relationships among the characters, of which Davis refused to further elaborate.

Despite O'Brien's current state of physical health, the show must go on for "Teen Wolf" and only time will tell if avid fans will still see more of Stiles Stilinski.

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