Tesla Model 3 release date, specs news: Electric car to feature roomy internal and touchscreen LED

(Reuters/James Glover II)A prototype of the Tesla Model 3 is on display in front of the factory during a media tour of the Tesla Gigafactory which will produce batteries for the electric carmaker in Sparks, Nevada, U.S. July 26, 2016.

Although there's still a full year before Tesla's Model 3 electric vehicles are scheduled for release, reservations for the car have continued rolling in since it was unveiled early this year.

Being the high-end company's first mass market model, Tesla has made Model 3 available for reservations after its March unveiling. A customer only has to pay $1000 to book the Model 3 car and have it reserved until the electric cars finally launch in the last quarter of 2017. Tesla is reportedly aiming to manufacture 500,000 Model 3 units to cater to middle-class consumers.

According to Technology Review, in order to achieve this in the quickest possible way, Tesla plans to create a revolutionary type of factory for mass manufacturing the affordable Model 3 and other future vehicles like it without compromising the quality that Tesla upholds.

Model 3 will be priced at around $35,000. It's going to be Tesla's first plug-in electric vehicle and is expected to run on lithium-ion batteries, according to I4U. It will look like a smaller version of Tesla's Model S with the front and back ends carved in to give the car an elegant appeal.

The interior offers space big enough for five adults to sit comfortably inside it. According to Digital Trends, the rear seats can be folded flat for an extra 66-inch space behind the front seats. This feature is referred to as the Camper Mode, wherein Model 3 owners can turn their cars into a sort of tent to sleep in at night.

The dashboard will feature a 17-inch Touchscreen LED that will show controls for speed, climate and web access. Information about the battery status can also be accessed from this. Model 3 can also run for 215 miles per single charge or up to 250 miles without traffic.

The electric car will also be equipped with Tesla's Supercharger network. With this feature, charging the Model 3 to 50 percent battery life should only take 20 minutes. However, the Supercharger upgrade will cost the Model 3 owner an additional $2,500.

More features about the highly anticipated eco-friendly electric vehicle will be revealed as the release date closes in.

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