'The Night Shift' season 3 spoilers news: Bomb explodes outside San Antonio Memorial, team works without nurses due to ongoing strike

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A bomb explodes outside San Antonio Memorial, but the nurses are on strike when the hospital needs them the most in the upcoming episode of NBC's hit medical drama "The Night Shift" season 3.

In next week's episode, the bomb explosion just outside the doors of the hospital will be a huge challenge for the whole team because the nurses are not around. According to the official synopsis for "Unexpected," TC (Eoin Macken), Topher (Ken Leung) and Drew (Brendan Fehr) will be forced to make a tough call to stay in the area and treat the wounded or transfer everyone to other hospitals nearby. Everything will be more complicated when TC discovers that he knows the person responsible for the explosion. While the team members are desperately trying to treat many victims, the nurses are not around to give them a hand due to an ongoing strike. Throughout the intense events, two of San Antonio Memorial's youngest doctors Shannon (Tanaya Beatty) and Paul (Robert Bailey, Jr.) will have a heated confrontation about a personal matter.

The promo trailer for episode 9 has been released and it shows the damages and casualties caused by the explosion. Flashbacks of TC back in the military were seen, which could mean that he will have memories of when he was still fighting in the field. Everyone is in shock while the doctors attempt to save victims, including themselves.

To give fans an idea of what's to come, the summary of next week's episode from TV Guide reads:

"A bomb explodes outside the hospital, creating chaos and prompting frantic efforts to treat the wounded, made more complicated when the nurses go on strike. Before long, it dawns on TC that he may know the person behind the bombing."

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