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If you are shopping around for the best mortgage, then the Karl's mortgage calculator is a priceless tool for doing your quick calculations to determine how much different mortgages will really cost you. Karl's Mortgage calculator is a specialized online calculator that has been masterfully crafted to assist prospective homeowners to improve their decision-making process. The Karl's Mortgage Calculator makes mortgage details easy to understand because it features charts and graphs. You can easily calculate the payments if you have the principal, term, and interest. Additionally, you can reverse calculate for any single variable if you have the other three values. By getting more information about when and how to use this calculator, you can definitely take full advantage of this invaluable online resource

Adding inputs to Karl's calculator

The first step that you should take when using the Karl's Mortgage calculator is to carefully and completely fill the input fields. This is one of the innovative mortgage calculators that you will find on the web and this means that you need to consider more information for you to get more comprehensive results. Even though this calculator is more advanced, it has an excellent format that makes it quite easy to use and also simple to understand. Some of the information that you need to input includes loan amount, the loan terms, down payments, property value, PMI, HOA expenses, insurance, taxes, and much more. However, you should remember that when you use accurate figures when using this calculator, it will yield the best results that will help you make a decision.

How to use Karl's calculator

There are various applications for Karl's Mortgage calculator and this makes it perfect for both new home buyers and even refinancers to use. Individuals who are applying for their new home mortgage can key in the input fields so that they can better analyze the loan terms that they are being offered. You can easily compare the loan terms of two or even more loan offers that you have. In addition, you can also complete the strategic financial planning for your future. If you want to refinance a mortgage loan and you wish to make the smartest financial decisions, you can use Karl's mortgage calculator to compare the outputs for your current loan against the outputs for the new loan terms that have been quoted to you.

Karl's calculator simplified the mortgage process

Karl's Mortgage calculator is one of the most widely used financial tools available online today. This is because this mortgage calculator can generate a lot of important information in an easy to read and attractive graphical format. For instance, prospective homeowners can generate an interest graph, a balance graph, and even an amortization graph. There are also tables for annual and monthly amounts and even a summary page and a payment table. Karl's mortgage calculator is an invaluable resource to use whenever you want to easily and quickly analyze your mortgage terms as it will give you a snapshot of your estimated monthly mortgage payment.

Amortization formula

Karl's Mortgage Calculator utilizes the standard amortization formula that is commonly used all over the world. The interest rate is generally calculated on a monthly basis. Most financial institutions will base their mortgage loan calculations on this standard formula. However, many lenders will calculate the interest on a daily, weekly or even annual basis. Therefore, the figures that are generated by Karl's Mortgage Calculator should give an approximate value of what your preferred lender will charge you. Even with these accurate figures, it is best to contact your preferred financier to get exact details on when and how they charge their interest rates on outstanding principal balances.

Karl's mortgage calculator is divided into three main segments:

  • Sliders
  • Input boxes
  • Graphs and tables


Moving the sliders enables users to establish the values of the principal, loan length, the starting date of the mortgage, and the interest rate. The arrows on each side of the slider allow users to adjust the value ranges that the slider covers. The left-hand side of the slider has checkboxes that can be used to establish whether the payment, principal, and term is calculated. Since the payment checkbox on the slider is already ticked, it will automatically give the calculated values. Clicking on alternative slider checkbox, for instance, the principal checkbox will allow users to change the term, payment, and interest to determine the principal value that is calculated when other values are altered.

Graphs and tables

There are buttons below the tables and graphs that can be used to determine the choices you want when it comes to display or presentation of the output.

  • Amortization graph – This graph portrays monthly payments for every year. Check how the curves illustrate augmented principal and the reduced interest that is paid over time. You can also confirm how additional payments change the principal curve.
  • Repayment chart – This chart shows the breakdown of the aggregate payments completed over the life of the mortgage or a breakdown of average monthly payments.
  • Balance graph – Shows the outstanding balance over the life of your housing mortgage. Balance graphs are especially important when additional payments are paid because they help showcase how fast your mortgage will be paid off, and also how quickly the balance will drop.
  • Interest graph – Shows the interest that is applied over the entire mortgage term.
  • Monthly amortization table – This shows how much principal and interest you pay every year, but it is displayed on a monthly basis.
  • Annual amortization table – Shows how much principal and interest you pay yearly.
  • Monthly payments table – This table displays the amount of payment and other additional payments made every month. It is ideal when the interest rates are variable and if extra payments are reduced monthly payments.
  • Summary – The summary displays a summary of all the current values.

Input boxes

The bottom of Karl's calculator is divided into two sections: the fixed loan data and five other sections. The fixed data section always remains constant while the other five sections can be selected using the buttons found at the bottom of your calculator. The fixed loan data does not take into account the interest rate changes. The total payment figure will include the principal and the interest and not any other mortgage-related expenses. The five optional categories include expenses, prepayment data, extra payments, interest rates, and the adjustable rate mortgage support.

For many homeowners, mortgage payments are one of the single largest expenses that they will need to pay every month and this is why you need to make the right decision. Karl's Mortgage calculator is one of the best financial tools available in the real estate industry and it will help you make the best mortgage decision. This mortgage calculator is an invaluable tool that is free to use and it can be used now or even in the future. Irrespective of where you currently are in your financial decision-making process, you should use Karl's mortgage calculator to make an informed and educated decision.

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