'Young Justice' season 3 news 2016: Still possible­ ­— just keep binge-watching

Animated superhero series "Young Justice" was cancelled back in 2013, but writer and producer Greg Weisman recently gave an update on the possibility of a third season happening.

(Facebook/YoungJusticeDC)Even though it was cancelled back in 2013, "Young Justice" still has a chance of returning for a third season on Netflix.

In an interview with voice actor Christopher Niosi, Weisman said it's definitely possible for the show to have a comeback, and he gave fans advice on what to do in order to make "Young Justice" season 3 a reality.

Weisman encouraged fans to keep binge-watching the show. In order to get Netflix interested in picking up a third season, "Young Justice" needs to bring in the numbers. "Just binge the show. Hell for all I care turn it on and leave the room. Go do the dishes. Just set it so it keeps watching the episodes," he said. Netflix might be more eager for a third season if "Young Justice" shows promise that it would bring in a strong viewership.

He then asked fans to purchase the Blu-ray DVD or buy the series on iTunes. The last step for fans is to buy all 26 "Young Justice" companion comics online, specifically the soft copy, so DC would get all the earnings. The comics may be bought on iTunes as well, or on Comixology.

According to Geektyrant, "Young Justice" was cancelled back in 2013 because of toys. Toy manufacturing company Mattel paid for most of the show's budget in exchange for licensing on the toys. When the toy line failed, however, Mattel pulled the plug on the show's funding, and that was the end of it.

On Twitter, Weisman told fans to use the hashtag #KeepBingingYJ and #BuyYJBluraysDVDs. According to reports, there is already a story planned out for the third season; the only thing missing is the budget.

Fans were devastated that "Young Justice" was cancelled back in 2013. There were huge praises on the show's animation, character design, and mature storytelling. However, without a strong viewership from children, whom the series was probably intended for, "Young Justice" got the boot.

Time will tell when fans will finally get "Young Justice" season 3. In the meantime, they can just #KeepBingingYJ.


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