Episcopal Church membership continues alarming decline

Episcopalian Church membership continues its alarming decline as the denomination lost 37,669 members in 2015. Forty-three parishes have also been closed, and according to the Episcopal Church Office of Research, its membership has decreased by 9 percent in the past five years.

Donald Trump endorsed by dozens of former President Bush alumni

Dozens of former appointees of the administration of former President George W. Bush announced their support for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Sunday in a bid for party unity ahead of Trump's first debate with Democrat Hillary Clinton.


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Demand for exorcisms grows in U.S.

Two leading exorcists in the U.S. are saying that trying to keep up with the demand for exorcisms has been difficult even though the number of official exorcists has quadrupled in the past 10 years.


Europeans favor Christian asylum seekers over Muslims, study claims

A new study revealed that Europeans were more likely to favor Christian asylum seekers over Muslims. The results also showed that European citizens from 15 different countries were more accepting of refugees with high employability and those who experienced persecution in their homeland.

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