'Better Call Saul' season 3 release date, plot rumors 2016: Will this season finally give the audience Saul Goodman?

The "Breaking Bad" prequel series, "Better Call Saul" is already two seasons in but fans have yet to meet the sly criminal lawyer, Saul Goodman. So far, the story is still centered on Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) and reports said that this season will finally see him changing his name and losing the McGill title.

(Facebook/BetterCallSaulAMC)A promotional poster for AMC series "Better Call Saul" season 2 Season 3 will premiere in February 2017.

The last episode of the previous season had Jimmy's older brother, Chuck (Michael McKean), secretly recording Jimmy's confession as he admitted to messing with the Mesa Verde files. This upcoming season is said to delve more into the McGill Brothers' relationship and how things turned out so bitterly between them.

In an interview with Vulture, Peter Gould, one of the executive producers of the show, had this to say about Jimmy's character: "Bob [Odenkirk] was talking about: 'Saul Goodman has nothing he cares about. He really has nothing to lose except his own life and money.' And it's very hard, at least for us, to write a show about someone like that. And what we realized — that Jimmy has this older brother who he really cares about and who really is everything that Jimmy isn't in so many ways. That started to humanize him for me."

Though the show portrays Jimmy as a very skilled con man, it started out with him trying to find a clean slate while caring for his disabled brother, Chuck. Chuck, however, doesn't seem to understand Jimmy at all and has been convinced that he is still the lying and sneaky cheat he once was.

A lot of tension between the two may stem from Chuck's jealousy of Jimmy who has been able to get the affection of everyone around him despite his unlawful actions. The third season may finally see the two ending their relationship with each other and perhaps Jimmy would adopt the "Goodman" name.

No official air date has been set, but "Better Call Saul" is expected to come out next year.

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