'Ghost in a Shell' release date news 2016: Movie gets five new teasers

(Paramount Pictures)Still from the live-action "Ghost in the Shell" teaser

"Ghost in the Shell" is one of the most iconic animated movies to ever come out of Japan, and when a live-action series was announced, many speculated on how much of the movie would be able to live up to the original animation. Paramount Pictures has just released five new teasers for the movie, and fans get to see Scarlett Johansson as Major Kusanagi in action.

Though the teasers may not be so action-packed, these give audiences a good look at the style that the production is trying to achieve. It looks like most of the film is going to be set in a futuristic Japan and the first clip showcases a futuristic-looking Geisha.

Most of the clips have Johansson in the shots and the fifth clip sees her running into a strange congregation of what looks like a group of monks. Her other takes do not have the same sort of tension.

The fourth clip features famous Japanese actor/director Takeshi Kitano aka Beat Takeshi. He plays Aramaki in the movie and the clip has him firing his revolver at an unseen target. He is a well-known personality in Japan and is the host of the popular game show, "Takeshi's Castle."

The presence of Takeshi may be a way for the film developers to pay homage to the original Japanese source material. The movie has been getting a lot of flak for casting a Caucasian woman to play the role of Major Kusanagi, who is supposed to be Asian.

Some point this out as strictly a business-minded decision on the studio's part. Not many Asian actresses have the same box-office draw that Johansson has and casting her in the lead role may lead people who aren't familiar with "Ghost in the Shell" to walk in the theater.

This case of Hollywood whitewashing is also present in this year's upcoming "Doctor Strange" which cast Tilda Swinton in the role of The Ancient One, a role that was supposed to be for a Tibetan character.

"Ghost in the Shell" is set to come out March 31, 2017.


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