'Mortal Kombat X' Kombat Pack 3 release date news 2016: Ed Boon teases DLC again

(Facebook/MortalKombat)When is the "Mortal Kombat X" Kombat Pack 3 coming?

Four months after it was teased, the "Mortal Kombat X" Kombat Pack 3 is yet to see the light of day. Despite this, NetherRealms Studios director Ed Boon continues to reference the downloadable content (DLC).

In his latest tease on Twitter, Boon posted a comic where he was asking his team ideas for "Mortal Kombat X." One of them suggested Kombat Pack 3 and was thrown out of the window.

He captioned the photo with "Kombat Pack 3??" and fans know that Boon is messing with them in the same fashion he does with basically anything that is yet to be released.

According to Attack of the Fanboy, the success of the first two Kombat Packs makes sense of the release of Kombat Pack 3 to "Mortal Kombat X."

The game already has characters featured in the game but they are not playable. Two of them are Fujin and Frost, who could easily make up one-half of the DLC.

The other two, as fans expect, will come from other universes may it be movies, comics or other pop culture characters. At some point, it was rumored that DC Comics villain The Joker will be added.

With the nature of fatalities in "Mortal Kombat X," The Clown Prince of Crime will fit right at home. However, this bit is still as big of a mystery as the release date of "Mortal Kombat X" Kombat Pack 3.

This is not the first time Boon mentioned the DLC. He also teased it in another sketch, which re-enacts how Twitter bugs him for details about Kombat Pack 3.

Boon also occasionally includes it in his polls, suggesting that he knows that many fans are waiting for the DLC. It is believed that NetherRealms is working on the DLC at the moment.

Boon did the same teases prior to the release of "Mortal Kombat XL" to the personal computer (PC) so fans can rely on NetherRealms delivering on this as well.

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