'Steven Universe' season 4 spoilers, plot news: Season reportedly on hiatus; break could take weeks or month?

(Facebook/StevenUniverse)Promotional image for Cartoon Network's animated series "Steven Universe"

It may take a while before new episodes of "Steven Universe" season 4 will be released. According to reports, the show is once again on hiatus.

Episode 7 "Onion Gang" aired a little over a week ago. In this episode, Steven learned of his silent friend's group of cronies.

The next "Steven Universe" season 4 episode will be titled "Gem Harvest." So far, there has been no news from Cartoon Network on when it will air.

As the wait continues, an alleged list of the titles of the upcoming episodes from both season 4 and season 5 hit the internet. There is no way to confirm the authenticity of the leak so fans are advised to take it with a grain of salt.

The upcoming episodes will reportedly be titled "Tiger Philanthropist," "Lars' Car," "Oceangate," "Breakfast or Bust," "Flower Tower" and "Steven's Sister." The rest of the list can be viewed below.

According to speculations, the upcoming episodes of "Steven Universe" season 4 will likely be fillers as the show sets up for the expected arrival of Yellow Diamond in an attempt to her revenge.

With regards to the release date, it is a mystery at the moment when the show will return for new episodes. Cartoon Network is reportedly making scheduling changes, which led to the hiatus.

In the past, "Steven Universe" has also gone on a break. When it did came back on air, it usually airs episodes uninterrupted. A hiatus, based on the show's history, can go as long as two to three weeks.

Back in June, it was on hold for more than a month so fans could be in a long wait for this one. With that said, fans will simply have to wait and see what Cartoon Network has planned.

"Steven Universe" season 4 airs Thursdays.

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